Why You Should Invest in Solar Energy For Your Home or Business

Solar energy technology has been around for over a century. First invented in 1888 by Edward Weston as a single solar “cell”, the technology grew until 1954, when Bell Labs invented the first truly feasible application. By 1960, satellites were being powered by solar panels. Researchers and inventors are now creating solar cells with over 30% efficiency, and the technology will surely grow further as the world searches for better sustainable energy solutions. Here are three reasons to invest in a solar panel system New Jersey for your home or business.

Free Energy

After the initial investment of the panels themselves (or monthly fee if you are leasing them), solar energy is 100% free. There will never be any costs to obtain it other than the equipment – no hidden fees, no peak usage charges, and no maintenance costs. What a relief this can be to your budget!

Environmental Impact

These days, many people are concerned about the impact of non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas on our planet’s ecosystems and the long-term health of the human race. Energy from the sun is one of the few sources of power that is 100% renewable and sustainable and has zero impact on the environment save the production costs of the cells and panels.

Return on Investment

With modern advances in solar cell efficiency in the last decade, using fewer solar panels to achieve a “break-even” or even a surplus of power becomes more and more feasible along with decreased costs. This potential surplus has become so common that many power companies allow homeowners and businesses to sell excess energy back to the grid. Not only can people save money on power, but they can also make money too!

As you can see, solar energy makes a lot of sense. Invest in solar energy soon, and rest assured that you’re making a great choice for yourself, your home or business, and the whole world.