Why Hiring a Builder Is Important and How to Find the Right One for You

You have purchased a lot and have the blueprints of your new house in hand. The next step is to decide whether to hire a general contractor or to act as your own. You may have seen the many books and websites emphasizing the money you will save and the control you will have over the construction process if you act as your own builder. However, many of these sources exaggerate the financial benefits and minimize the hard work, complications and risks involved. Moreover, they may not provide an accurate account of the numerous advantages of hiring a builder to construct your house.

Advantages of Hiring a Builder

A general contractor will hire, schedule and oversee the subcontractors that will carry out the work at the best price and quality available. They will also apply their knowledge of the permitting process and building codes to save time and maintain the construction schedule. Most importantly, hiring one can help you obtain a better construction loan. A mortgage lender can be found by searching, for example, for Construction Loans Redmond OR or construction loans near me. Furthermore, a licensed builder must have liability insurance and this will cover all of the risks associated with the construction process.

How to Find a Reliable Builder

This said, finding and hiring a good builder, or general contractor, is not easy. Your local public works and buildings department assesses the work of builders every day and should be able to recommend a few. Also, look for customer opinions via an online referral site like Angie’s List. Ask to visit the homes that potential candidates constructed five years ago to see how well their buildings age and don’t forget to ask the former clients how satisfied they were with the builder’s work.

Once you have narrowed down your list of prospects, look into their business practices by contacting their subcontractors and providers. Lastly, make sure that the builder you choose isn’t working too many sites at once as this can affect your construction schedule. Following these suggestions will ensure that you find a dependable builder who can build you the house of your dreams.