How to Work in the Robotics Field

Robotics is a unique discipline that pulls from the fields of engineering, computer programming and mathematics. Because it’s interdisciplinary there are many paths of education you can choose to become a robotics engineer. Knowing the part of the robot you want to work on will help you decide which degree to pursue. Each path is an exciting one with advancements happening all the time.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers focus on the electrical design Atlanta GA of each robot. This specialty centers on the control of the robot, such as systems, control and circuit programming. Learning about integrated systems, logic, hydraulics and microprocessors all help engineers prepare for the robotics field.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are responsible for the physical design of the robot and the safety measures required when operating. They determine how the motors and actuators will work in a robot once it’s functional. Without the mechanics, a robot wouldn’t move.

Computer Science

The computer science specialty allows people to use software and programming languages to help with artificial intelligence and machine learning. They program robots, using large amounts of data and models, to perform specific tasks in each industry.


Math is the foundation of science, programming and engineering, giving you a foothold in the door of a robotics career. Becoming a math major can help you excel at a more advanced degree in engineering later on.

Design and Technology

A degree in design and technology can help robotics engineers see the whole picture of the robot. Knowing how to make a robot aesthetically appealing, as well as knowing how the software allows the robot to function, can give you a well-rounded approach to your robotics career.

Robotics are increasingly used in many areas that are repetitive or dangerous. Farming, medical, production, military and household uses abound as robotics become more intelligent and helpful leading to an abundance of career opportunities in this field.…