Measuring DIN4150-3 and DIN4150-2

DIN4150-3 and DIN4150-2

When you are a construction builder you will know that vibrations can be a source of annoyance or damage. To measure those vibrations, you will need some knowledge and the right equipment. Measuring DIN4150-2 will give you information about the influence of vibrations on people that are in the building and measuring DIN4150-3 will give you information about the vibrations that cause damage to the building. But what equipment do you use to measure those vibrations?


In 1988, measuring vibrations was a very hard task. The kit people used to measure those vibrations consisted of a big measurement system and a drag-and-drop computer. Those equipment were very heavy, so it was physically hard to carry everything around. That old way of measuring vibration was not efficient at all and provided very little useable data. In 1992, a new system was introduced: the IFCO VM measuring system. This was a measuring system that used batteries that worked for three weeks. Other major steps came in 2004, with the arrival of Axilog. Later, the technology has developed even further and now there are compact devices with a lot more features.

The equipment

Nowadays there are two important pieces of equipment you need to. The whole process of measuring starts with a vibration meter. When choosing the right meter, you need to take a look at the frequency it can measure, the filter it uses to filter out certain frequencies, and the battery. Besides this, you need the right analysis tools to filter out the right data and find the possible faults.

measuring DIN4150-2

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