Caring for Your Bathroom Appliances

There are many ways to show your bathroom a little tender loving care. You don’t need to use harsh and heavy chemicals to ensure your bathroom is clean and free of unwelcome smells. If you have never tried more natural options, you may be surprised to learn about their benefits. Here are some of the most common recipes.


The idea of creating your own toilet bowl cleaner recipe may sound daunting, but it is likely you already have some of the ingredients sitting around your house. A few options for a mixture include baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and tea tree essential oil. Combining these together helps to deodorize and kill the germs in your toilet. Another act of care for your toilet could be to find plumbing companies Geneva IL that can check up on its internal health and piping.


The base for your shower/tile mixture can be white vinegar. Find a natural, fragrance-free dish soap to include next, followed by either tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil. This spray cuts down on bacteria, mildew, and mold while the essential oil makes the shower smell better than a typical chemical-ridden cleaner.


To disinfect your sink quickly and efficiently, an all-purpose spray is your best bet. You could opt for one including castile soap, water, and an essential oil of your choice, or if you would prefer a vinegar base, try white vinegar for cleaning, mixed with water, juice from a lemon, and a clean-smelling essential oil. Spray, wipe with a hand towel, and admire your fresh, sparkling sink.

However you decide to care for your bathroom, a natural alternative is bound to exist. Not only will it provide the same benefits as a traditional cleaner, but having made something yourself to clean with garners a certain kind of satisfaction.