3 Ways To Reduce Your Chemical Exposure

While modern production has provided a wealth of benefits, it has also taken away some of the nutritious perks of wholesome goods. This leaves some consumers wondering whether convenience is worth the loss of vitamins. If you’re looking to decrease your synthetic exposure, you could make some simple choices in your buying and consumption habits. Here are three things you may want to change.

Eat Clean

What you eat may not be as healthy for you as you expected. Is that apple you’re about to eat covered in an artificial wax coating? Have your veggies been treated to last longer? To avoid excess exposure, eat clean, reading the labels carefully and searching for items that are raised naturally or organically. Manufacturing can alter the goodness that you expected to claim. In addition, you could look to buy locally from a farmer’s market or farm coop. Just be sure to ask about how they raise their produce.

Install a Well

It’s recommended to drink six 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Utility plants treat the local water so you can drink it. While this sanitizes the water for additional use, it also inserts some things you may not desire. It is possible, though, to use a direct source, avoiding plant treatment. Searches for drilling a well Tampa could provide a wealth of benefits on having your own personal source.

Invest in Natural Products

Many people believe that bleach and chemical-based formulas are needed to kill bacteria; however, there are some products on the market that clean without exposing your family to constant fumes. Stop and look at the bottle. For example, some sprays are often plant-based. You could use something harsh or you could use the one that’s just a bent gentler for you and your family. In addition, microfiber cloths have been shown to wipe surfaces well, removing those invisible particles. A little bit of water and the cloth could wash the counter surfaces quickly and easily.

It’s possible to live clean. Read through the ingredients and explore options.